Salrica Dance Studio

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10668 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX, USA
10668 Westheimer Road Houston Texas 77042 US
Our Dance Studio offers a large variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. Have a look at our class schedule to find the one that best fits your needs. We are committed to guiding you every step of the way.
Salrica Dance Studio Adult Lessons: Salsa, Bachata, West Coast, Kizomba, and Cha-Cha
Classes start on the first Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday of each month, whichever comes first and excluding Holidays. Special Workshops will be available on the 5th Thursday or Friday at an additional price.
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2726 Fondren Road, Houston, TX, USA 2.53 mi
AMAYA Dance is Houston’s premiere salsa dance studio. If you are looking for salsa lessons, salsa classes and salsa socials, this is the place to be!

Salomon Amaya is a veteran in the Houston salsa and dance community teaching students of all backgrounds everything from the basics to master choreography. Salomon has traveled the world teaching his love for salsa and dance to eager students. He has become a YouTube salsa sensation with millions of people around the world tuning in to watch and learn from his creative style of dance.

Salomon and his team have performed in various events across the country. AMAYA Dance has quickly become one of the top salsa companies in Texas. Salomon opens up his dance team to the public once a year for aspiring new dancers in the community to train and perform side by side with him and his team.

Salomon’s work has been featured across the country. He and his instructors take pride in watching their students grow. His recent success is due to his passion for the dance, his students, and his work. You will not find a more passionate dancer and instructor in all of Houston.

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2726 Fondren Road, Houston, TX, USA 2.53 mi

Casino Stars of Venezuela was founded in January 2006, with the intention of creating a unique and innovative style.

The foundation is responsible for teaching people of all ages, gender and capacity to learn the art of dance.

As director of this team of Venezuelan dancers, Jorge Melo has had great fortune in molding the troop with extensive coaching from instructors with world class experience. The implementation of Ballroom dancing and in other areas of dance such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Latin Hustle, West Coast Swing, Kizomba and Traditional Folkloric dance has formed his team to be proficient and sought after globally.

They have presented shows in over 200 festivals throughout Venezuela and in many different countries/territories which include: Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic,
Guatemala, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain and in U.S.A states such as: Florida, New York and Texas.

Casino stars de Venezuela fue fundada en enero de 2006, con la intención de crear un estilo único e innovador.

se encargan de enseñar a la gente de todas las edades, género y capacidad para aprender el arte de la danza.

Como director de este equipo de bailarines de Venezuela, Jorge Melo ha tenido gran fortuna en el moldeo de la tropa con amplia entrenador de instructores con experiencia de clase mundial. La puesta en práctica de baile de salón y en otras áreas de la danza como el Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Latin Hustle, West Coast Swing, Kizomba y tradicional folclórico de danza ha formado su equipo para ser competentes y buscados a nivel mundial.

Han presentado espectáculos en más de 200 festivales en toda Venezuela y en muchos diferentes países / territorios que incluyen: Aruba, Curazao, República Dominicana,
Guatemala, Italia, Puerto Rico, España y EE.UU. en estados como Florida, Nueva York y Texas.

houston dance factory .png
5711 Hillcroft ste D, Houston, TX 77036 3.99 mi

Our classes are fun, healthy but most important affordable. We offer space for independent instructors, dancers to do their business. Also, the studio is open for events as Dance Socials, Birthdays & Small Weddings, just to name a few. Check our website for more info

houston omni dance studio salsa.jpg
5615 Richmond Avenue #150, Houston, TX 77056 5.21 mi

Omni Salsa is a premier dance studio dedicated to elevating our students’ dancing abilities in various styles. Everyone should have an opportunity to experience the art of graceful and elegant dancing. Omni Salsa will help you discover new talents, improve your coordination, and impress all your friends!

Omni Salsa offers dance lessons for beginners in the 1st week of every month.

No experience is necessary to get started.

houston culture beat entertainment.jpg
5535 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX, USA 5.37 mi
(832) 403-7319(832) 403-7319

Culture Beat Entertainment, founded in 2009, has quickly grown as one of the top Latin dance companies in Houston, TX.

They are very well known in the Salsa dance scene, putting on performances and instructing classes all over. Their philosophy is to dance outside of the box with grace, technique, energy, and style. They are well known for their original choreographies and captivating shows. Specializing in Salsa, Cha Cha, and Bachata, they also infuse their performances with other genres of dance to add interesting twists and surprises.

Students enjoy learning in Culture Beat’s classes, where everyone has fun and is challenged to do their best. The directors, Hector, Sarah, & Claudia Vazquez, are certified by the Texas Association of Salsa Instructors. They have many years of experience teaching other students of all levels, ages and backgrounds to become the best dancers they can be.

Culture Beat is also very well known for hosting some of the most fun Latin Dance events, including the 2nd Saturday of the Month Culture Beat Salsa Social, and every Friday @ Fox Hollow (Latin Nights with Orquesta Salmerum). In addition, some special surprise events. 

el sabor houston dance academy.jpg
10600 Northwest Freeway 235, Houston, TX 77092 8.12 mi

Was founded in March of 2014; has danced in various shows at the local stage national and international, state shows like Texas Salsa Congress, The BIG Festival, Houston Congress, Dallas Congress and international events like the Orlando Salsa Congress, LA Salsa Congress and many others. With only a year of being made, the team won first place in the World Latin Dance Cup in the ladies team amateur division in 2015.

Directed by Karla Blanco.

houston social tango lola srini.jpg
1703 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TX, USA 10.86 mi

Argentine Tango in “Milongero” Style
Classes for EVERYBODY, for all levels.
Foundations: balance, connection, posture, embrace, rhythmical patterns.
Energy and fluidity versus strength and control.
How to have fun and dance till 100 years old.

houston latin dance factory.jpg
Houston, TX, USA 11.75 mi

Are you tired of sitting and watching others dance and have fun at Latin nightclubs, weddings, quinces, or social dance events? Wish you could know how to lead or follow with confidence? Are you interested in meeting other people who love to dance? If you answer YES to any of this questions, we may have the perfect dance program for you.

Join our fun, easy to follow, step by step guide to moving to high energy, provocative and sensual latin rhythms. Learn how to Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Kizomba and Merengue with Latin Dance Factory. Come for a lesson and stay for the culture. Latin dancing is one of the happiest ways to meet people, have fun while learning and let go of daily stress / monotonous routine. Don’t put it off for another moment, walk into our Dance place and dance the night away!

Call us at 832-413-2623 anytime to get started!
Christian Franco
Dance Director

houston be in tango.jpg
508 Pecore St, Houston, Texas 77009, USA 11.8 mi

The concept of Be in Tango is to help people experience connection with others and the world. The emphasis is on understanding and empathy, as tango is a partner dance. At Be In Tango we recognize that giving is not only about the receiver, but about bringing joy to the giver, as well. Connection and exchange of energy through dance makes both partners happy.

The School focuses on the side of tango which opens non-verbal communication skills, aiming to grow those skills so that dancers can grow and partners can sync together. The dance is a creative improvisational procees with endless posibilities. We see each human being as a beautiful creation and interaction with each as a source for inspiration and learning. We are divorsed and welcoming comunity of dancers and aiming to create an enviroment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves and encourage to create and to write their own tango story.

The School is a dynamic and growing organism, evolving with each student and the ideas they bring. All are welcome and celebrated at Be In Tango.

dance heights dance studio houston.jpg
3221 Houston Avenue, Houston, TX, USA 11.98 mi
Dance Heights is a studio with veteran instructors! Come to us for salsa, bachata, country western or socials, or group/private lessons!
Now offering group social dance lessons in central Houston, Texas. Country Western, Salsa, Bachata, West Coast Swing and more! No partner needed as we rotate partners throughout the classes. Great way to make new friends! Private lessons also available.
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